Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pirate Party Fun

The past few months Ella has fallen in LOVE with Jake and the Neverland Pirates!  She loves Izzy and knows most of the songs.  She decided that for her 5th birthday party it had to be a pirate theme!!  Since Disney has not caught up with how well received the show is and has no merchandise available, I decided to search on pinterest for some ideas!!  There was a lot of ideas out there, and I was so excited to try some of them out!!  Here are a few pictures from the best birthday party I have thrown together!!
The birthday girl and mommy
I let guests know they were in the right spot.

My favorite thing about birthday's now, is making their number picture!!
We had a stick the treasure on the map game!
The food table, or table scape as I was calling it!!
We had Yo Ho Yo Ho Meatballs, Pirate Fingers (sandwiches), Cannonballs (black olives), boublooms (cheese cubes), Pirate Jewels (grapes), Buckey's Bean Dip, and Scully's crackers (chips)!!

I made a banner for Ella out of scrapbook paper, letter stickers, mod podge, and wooden pirate accents.  I tacky glued it to a red and white rope I found!

Wooden pirate accessories from Hobby Lobby

My dad brought milk crates and a board from his house, and the kids took turns Walking the Plank.
Brayden and Pappy

Going backwards
Ella's birthday present from Mommy and Daddy was the Jake dvd, which came with a CD of music from the show.  We set up musical chairs and a radio outside, and used the CD as the music.

I also bought gold coins and necklaces and hid them in the yard.  I gave the kids treat bags, and sent them on a treasure hunt.

After the hunt, we went straight to busting open the pinata!  It worked out perfect that every kid there got a turn, and the last boy tore up the ship good!! 
Here's the before picture
Ship from Hobby Lobby
Lastly was it was cake time!!
My stepmom, Sandie Tyrone, made Ella's cake based on Buckey the pirate ship, and it turned out AWESOME!!

Ella had a blast, and the party could not have been more fun!!
But remember as you leave....
Sign from Hobby Lobby


Heather Ward said...

Such a CUTE party!!! Great job!

Mindy said...

Look at your crafty, birthday self! How great! Happy birthday, Ella!

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