Monday, November 7, 2011

Random Blurbs :)

I am stealing the idea of writing blurb style today from Katie, she writes over at Loves of Life.  Go check her out and tell her Tiffani from Thoughts from Tiffani sent you!!  You will be glad you did, I love reading her blog!!!

Is it weird that I still cannot believe it is November??  I mean really, where does the time go??  We are weeks away from Thanksgiving and less than 7 weeks away from Christmas!!!  I just cannot except how quickly time went this year!  BUT I am ready to decorate for Christmas, that is the ONLY good thing that has come out of the time flying by!!

We have some major changes coming up for our family in the coming weeks, and we are hard at work putting those changes into place!!  We are putting in some tough work and long hours in on our project, but I know it will all be worth it!!  Ella is ready for our changes, but Maddi is still not 100% sold on them!  I think she'll come around soon enough though.

My stepmom really wants me to start a baking business, and I am really thinking about it!  I love to bake, but I hate the side effects that come from eating all my baked goods myself (bigger butt and thighs).  It would be nice to bake some treats for others and maybe make a little cash on the side.  Does anyone have any suggestions of where I could go with my baked goods to sell them???  I am thinking of starting off with chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter cookies, banana bread, and pumpkin bread!  Any suggestions of something else that might sell really well???

I am trying to make sure that my girls keep GIVING hearts this year and not GREEDY hearts (toy commercial overload), so I told them that this week we need to go through *all* their toys and donate *most* of them to an orphanage for all the little boys/girls that are not as blessed as my sweet little kiddos.  I will make sure that I keep you updated as we go on our journey of giving :)

Random things that have happened lately:
  • Brayden has learned how to walk backwards!!!
  • Ella has started to recognize words on her own!!!
  • I rocked my marketing paper I had to write last week!!!
  • My husband washed dishes and a load of laundry in the same day!!!
  • I joined a Biggest Loser club and gained a pound last week, really!!
What has happened in your life lately??


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