Sunday, February 19, 2012

Good day Sunday

I had a fabulous Sunday!

How about you??

Even though it started off way too early (Brayden never sleeps in when I want/get to), I managed to make the most of it! 

I woke my hubby up early (even though he had a late night at the restaurant and early for him is 10:15 btw) and he took me and Brayden out to breakfast at Denny's.  Brayden's naptime is anywhere from 10:45 to 11, so I wasn't sure how he would do.  When we got there, the front door was packed.  Luckily there was only a 15 minute wait, because Brayden became restless very fast.  Once we were seated, he was easily entertained by the colors and kids menu.  He did pretty good considering he was tired.  He loved trying to throw things off the table, make lots of noise by banging on the table/plate and yelling at the top of his lungs, and didn't really eat much.  The girls were at church with my mom and it is times like this that I really miss having them around to distract him.  He is lucky he is so darn cute, because it is hard to stay mad at him, especially when he throws in "momma" and "dadda" while yelling and then blows us air kisses.  He is just too much sometimes!!

Apparently, Denny's was too much for me to handle, because once I got Brayden laid down for his nap, I had a massive headache creep up on me.  Since Marco is working the night shift tonight, I was able to lay down and rest till he left. 

Once naptime was over and the girls were home, we hit the ground running.  We had to go to Office Depot to get a copy made of Ella's birth certificate (for soccer), we had to go get Ella some new tennis shoes (for soccer), we had to eat lunch, and we had to meet at a tennis court (for Ella's soccer practice) since the field was too wet. 

Ella was amazing at soccer!  She worked hard, and did exceptionally well when it came time to scrimmage with the other little girls.  I know that the season will be great, especially since her Daddy and her best friend's Daddy are her coaches!

After soccer practice, we had to make a grocery run for dinner, snacks, and Maddi's lunch stuff.  I spent way too much, but I did find a cute shirt on clearance (I hope it fits because I sure wasn't going to try it on with all 3 kids hungry and tired).  When we got home, the girls were super helpful putting away the groceries and getting dinner started.  We made baked ziti and it was yummy and simple!!  I used the Kraft mozzarella cheese that is now made with Philly Cream cheese, and it was wonderful (and only a few cents more than the store brand, score!)!!  It was so creamy and melty (yes that is a word), I loved every bite of my 2 helpings!!

The kids are in bed, and I am enjoying some quiet time blogging and pinning!!

I hope you had a great day as well, and I hope we all have great weeks!!

Please keep my family in your prayers!  My hubby is going to see a neurologist tomorrow!  The story leading up to tomorrow will come soon, I just haven't had the strength to write it!!


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