Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Love Day!!

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Do you have any big plans?
A romantic evening with candles, wine, dining out or chocolate??

Nothing like that here ;)

My hubby (being a restaurant manager) will be at work, making sure everyone else's night out is perfect.
Don't feel bad for me though, I never see him on holidays that are big for going out to eat (ex: Valentine's, Mother's Day, Father's Day, etc.) so I am used to it.
Plus, we got to enjoy a great date night this past weekend, and he brought me home wine and chocolate last night, so I am more than ok!!

The kids and I had fun yesterday making a Pinterest inspired yummy snack to send to my hubby's work for his staff.
Taking care of couples and the occasional family on a holiday such as today can be draining, so I hope they enjoy the little pick-me-up!!

We started with waffle pretzels, Hershey's hugs, and Valentine's M&Ms.

We preheated the oven to 200 degrees, and used parchment paper on the cookie sheet.
I let the girls unwrap the the hugs, and put them onto the waffle pretzels.

Cook time is 3-5 minutes.
You want the hugs to be shiny and soft, not melted.

Pull cookie sheet out of oven and carefully place the M&M on top and gently press down.

Let them cool off in the fridge, then enjoy!!
The bite is so yummy since it is salty and sweet!!

The girls loved them, and Brayden loved sneaking our M&Ms!

I did send a lot to my hubby's work, but I of course left some here so the kids can enjoy them later!

I hope everyone has a fantastic Valentine's no matter how you are celebrating!!


Camille Griffiths said...

Those look yummy!

Happy Valentine's Day! :)

Katie said...

Good morning! I am a new follower from the Welcome Wednesday hop. I would love for you to hop over to Saving and Sharing It and visit.


Holly said...

Your valentine treats look wonderful! I am a new follower- stopped by from Welcome Wednesday- would love if you followed me too :)

Coupon Queen said...

These cookie treats look so yummy!!! I love easy to make things like this so I can make things quick if I need them, for any occassion. Thanks for sharing the idea. I am a new follower and stopped by to congratulate you on the spotlight at the Take it From Me hop. :) Have a great week.

Jenny Melrose said...

I dropped in from the blog hop. I'm following. Stop by and check me out.

Mikki said...

Thanks for guest hosting Welcome Wednesday! I am now your happy follower and would love for you to visit me at Mom’s Best Nest .

I have got to try this. In fact, I'm pinning it right now!!!!

Tara said...

I so need to make those! I'm a huge fan of hugs candy! :) I'm a new follower from Welcome Wednesday. Feel free to follow back at

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