Saturday, February 4, 2012

Random Thoughts

*I don't mind sorting, washing and drying my family's clothes, but I despise putting it all away!

*I never do dishes the day/night that I use them.  I normally do dishes right before I cook dinner which means my kitchen stays dirty 99% of the time.

*I am working on getting myself normal again.  I fell into a major funk right before we moved and the first few weeks we were here, but I am slowly getting back to myself.

*I did not like myself when I was in my funk.  I constantly yelled at the kids, I was very disengaged with the older two, I had no energy, I had no desire to keep my house clean, and I was always snapping at my husband.  It was very hard for me from day to day, and I am glad to be getting back to normal.

*I have relearned what I already knew, my husband is an amazingly patient, loving partner.  I know most days he was exhausted from work, but he still put up with my crazy mood swings and lack of motivation.

*I have a sick obsession with sweets.  I could eat cookies, candies, brownies, cakes (the list could go on) all day long.  Most people have a sweet tooth, I feel I have a sweet pallet.  My problem is I feel like I have no off switch and that my sweet cravings are never fulfilled.  *That probably means I should lay off of the sweet stuff for awhile, but I am not sure I would make it!

*After learning the McDonald's has now stop using pink slime in their food, I don't know when I will eat fast food again!!  If you have not heard about pink slime, then you need to you tube Jamie Oliver's video about the disgusting stuff!  It is seriously nasty!!!!  I could not believe the USDA allowed that in our food, and I can not believe how much I probably ate of it!

*I am not really into the Super Bowl, but I love the commercials!

Those are my Random Thoughts for today!
What are your Random Thoughts??


Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

I can't remember the last time I ate at any fast food place. I don't want to know about the pink slime.

momto8 said...

spring is coming..and will snap you out of t your funk!
I saw that pink slime...yuck! we rarely eat there anyway..but still that means at some point we did eat it!!
Happy Sunday!

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