Monday, April 9, 2012


Do you watch baseball?  Who do you route for?

We are very much Rangers' fans, and my hubby and I were lucky enough to be invited to hang out in the Tyson suite again this year.  The suite is so amazing, and most definitely the best way to watch the Rangers.  It was even more amazing using my new camera which has an outrageous zoom.

Yes, this is the picture from the suite!! Josh Hamilton :)

The zoom is awesome! Hamiton

That is the legend, Nolan Ryan.

We are at the start of what will be another amazing season, no doubt and there is no better way to spend a spring night than at the Ballpark!

Go Rangers!!

If you are stopping by from the A to Z challenge, please take a moment to say hi!  If I get a chance, I will return the favor!


Anonymous said...

We root for the Cardinals!

Emily said...

i dont watch baseball. i dont watch any sport in general. but i love playing sports!

during a bees baseball game me and my school choir sung songs during a intermission or whatever. it was lots of fun!

Debra Harris-Johnson said...

Not a fan but read your gocery blog. Have you ever thought about planting some food. I blogged about it and people were very responsive. It's better than couponing and great exercise and family fun.

Nicole said...

It's nice that you were able to enjoy a day outdoors watching your favorite team. I'm no baseball fan but if I had to choose, I'm partial to the Yankees....even though I'm currently in Philadelphia (but, I don't even like the Eagles or the 76ers, so I guess it doesn't really matter, lol).

I do, however, like the last photo that you took with No.29. It's one of those action shots. Now that I think of it, that pic could probably go well side by side with the first one of Hamilton :)


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Matthew MacNish said...

I'm just glad my Braves finally got a win. We were stinking it up until last night.

deathwriter said...

We root for the Rangers as well and they've been pretty fun to cheer for in the last two years. My fave on the team? Napoli.

Just stopping in on the AtoZ challenge.

Go Rangers!

Jenna Renee said...

Loving the blog! Looking forward to reading what you post for other letters and days. I am your newest follower!! Visiting from A to Z Challenge!

About JollyJilly said...

Not a sport I know much about over here in the UK lol. I would like to see a game someday.
Im a new follower and if you have time please drop over for a visit at
Im a crafter as well

Stacy Jensen said...

The suite sounds nice. Rangers are a good team.

Nancy Stewart said...

This is a fun post and a really nice blog. If you've the chance, pop over to my blog. I am the award winning author of the Bella and Britt series for kids.


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