Thursday, July 5, 2012

World's Worst Blogger Right Here

I feel like the world's worst blogger, I have to admit!  I keep telling myself that I need to post and update you guys on all the things that I am doing, but I never seem to get around to it.  There is always something that needs to get done first (dishes, laundry, cleaning, playing, who am I kidding, facebook is the main culprit here). 
I plan on posting more, I promise.  Then again, I have been filling all your head's with lies recently, so I will just say that I hope I can post more and keep you updated.

I am really enjoying my job, and I will be a full on Sales Consultant in the next few days.  It has been really tough, but I know that the real work will start soon.  The real work will come when I will be working for 100% commission.  As scary as it is, I am very excited and I am ready to work hard.  I will only be part time, but I already know that I will want to work as much as I can.  So far, I am really loving CarMax :)

My official name tag :)

I am also loving summer right now in my mom's house.  One of the perks of living here is the pool!  We are literally 30 ft. from a pool and it has become a great way to spend a few hours a day as often as we can.  The girls have totally come out of their water shells, and love being in the pool.  They are swimming from side to side, Ella is jumping in and going under, Maddi is doing flips and both are just really loving every minute of being in the water.  Brayden is warming up to the pool too, but he scares me because he has no fear of the water.

I would love to spend every day like this :)
Maddi is taking the pic for me LOL
 What has been your favorite thing to do this summer?

I will leave it at that and I will talk to you guys soon!  That is, if I have any readers left.


Jeremy Bates said...

Here in Manila it is a perpetual summer.

When I lived in the U.S. I always thought that CarMax had very decent cars, albeit a mite pricey. Thing is, they have good warranties and a nice selection to choose from.

If I may, I do not like the fact that they don't want to pay much for a car sold outright. I took a nice Ford Econoline van in there several years ago. It was sharp with no problem. I was offered 41,800 for it. I sold it the next day for $6,500. lol

Good luck on your new commission only job. I hope you do well and get the tire kickers to sign a contract! lol

Mikki said...

I just prayed for you in this new venture!

I wanted to try to let you off the hook a bit. I've read those lists of things bloggers should do, particularly "post every day." I'm beginning to believe that those suggestions are for those who want to make money from blogging. Many of my favorite blogs post only occasionally when they have something to talk about! In fact, I've unsubscribed to several blogs who are posting for posting's sake, telling me about someone else's giveaway, or providing a review on a new mustard they just tried out. I have a hard time finding time to post as it is, and I certainly don't have time to weed good posts out of the bad ones.

I'll look forward to reading your future posts, but I won't drop you just because you post sporadically. It'll be like getting a call from a friend at an unexpected time :)

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