Friday, June 15, 2012

My Health and Weight Loss Progress

I have slowed down on working out a lot since I have been working, but I am still slowly losing weight (thanks to all the walking at work)!  I can't wait till I can get back in the gym though, I really miss it! 

I am not counting calories or being super strict on everything that I am eating, but I am very aware of what I am putting in my body.  I am trying to make sure that it is lots of fruits and veggies and less crap than I was eating.  I am cutting out calories and fat by supplementing fat free or low fat versions of things like cheeses, soups, and creams in my cooking, I have cut out sodas and I am drinking diet green tea instead, and I have cut out fast food almost completely.  If I am really hungry before dinner, I eat a big salad with fat free dressing so that I don't over indulge on dinner.

My new favorite adult beverage is Voli vodka and lemonade.  Voli vodka is a low cal vodka and I found 15 calorie per serving lemonade.  It is a super yummy drink and very refreshing, especially on a hot day out by the pool :)

I know that there will be cheat days/weekends, and I am ok with that.  I am learning to not be so hard on myself if I do fall off the wagon, but to just get right back on track.  

Having a support system is really important, and I highly encourage anyone trying to lose weight and be healthier, to partner with someone.  They can keep you on track, be a motivation when you are down, or scold you when you do fall off the wagon and have a hard time getting back on.  I have several people in my support system, and they have been a huge help for me.

So far I am down 5 or 6 pounds, which is not a lot, but I don't plan on putting it back on.  I am ok with it coming off slowly, as long as I keep the weight off.  I have finally moved back into the 160s, and I am looking forward to the 150s!!  I will keep you updated!!

What keeps you on track and motivated??


Heather Murphy said...

Hi! I'm stopping by for the A-Z Roadtrip. Good luck with your challenge

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