Tuesday, August 28, 2012

First day of school

I know I said that I would post about our super quick move, and I promise I will, but I have to talk about something more important today.


We have to say goodbye to the summer fun of late nights and sleeping in, swimming and popsicles, lounging around all day, and trade it in for back to school clothes and supplies shopping, early mornings and early bedtimes, and homework.

Yesterday, Maddison started second grade and my sweet Gabriella started kinder.  I was very surprised that I didn't cry, because I felt like I wanted too.  I kept it together, I guess, because my hubby was with me.

I wasn't as upset that Maddi started kinder, because I knew she was very, very ready to be in school.  She is so smart and flourishes in school.  She is the oldest in the class, since her birthday missed the kinder cutoff by 3 days.  She was almost 6 when she started, and now she in second grade and has less than a week till she turns 8.  She is a very advanced reader, and is able to pick up things she doesn't know very quick.  Her new school teacher seems like she will be great at challenging Maddi, and even try to get her back into Talented and Gifted.

Gabriella is very different.  If I could, I would keep her home forever.  I feel like most days while Maddi was at school and I was home with Ella and Brayden, that Ella didn't get nearly as much attention as she needed.  I truly loved having her around me, but I took for granted the time I had her home.  I truly am upset that I let the computer (facebook, blogging, pinterest) come inbetween our relationship.  The tv became her babysitter while I dealt with Brayden.  The time that flew by is time with her that I can never get back.  I will miss her terribly every single day, and I will try not to make the same mistakes with Brayden.

Thinking about this, has actually brought tears to my eyes as I reveal to you that I have made mistakes.

I hope my girls both thrive in class, make lots of friends, and have lots of fond memories to take away from this school year.  I will cherish the stories that they tell and I cannot wait to hear about there days at school.

Here are some pictures from my girls' first day of school:


Kristi@living-blessed-life said...

I felt this exact same way. School was hard for me because I felt guilty of any and everything that I might have spent more attention with instead of the boys. It's hard being a mommy sometimes. :)

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