Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Brayden turned 2

With all the craziness going on with the move, not having internet set up for the computer, and school starting, I totally forgot to post about Brayden turning 2!!

I can't believe my boy is already 2.  He is a lot of things, but baby is not one of them anymore.  Of course, I will still call him my baby boy, but him growing up is just a part of life I have to deal with.

He is VERY into Mickey right now, but calls him "mouse."  He knows all the other characters and loves singing along to the opening and closing of the show.  He, however, does not really like the old Mickey cartoons.  He loves the Mickey Mouse shaped cheese, his Mickey undies, pj's and shirts, and his new Mickey toy that his Pappy and Granny (my dad and step mom) mailed him for his birthday.  That boy is obsessed with "mouse."

He loves to push things.  His NeNe (my mom) sent him a rolling suit case and he has been pushing it all over the house. 

He is still sleeping in the crib, but it is mainly because he has not once tried to climb out!  I am going to leave the crib together as long as I can.

He LOVES my iPhone and iPod.  He has his own apps, and he knows how to work my phone just as well (if not better) than I do.

He is a VERY picky eater! 

He is mostly potty trained!  He wears diapers or pull ups for naps and bedtime and most of the time if we leave the house, but if we are home or going on a short trip, we are in undies!!  He sits on the potty backwards and loves to flush.

He is talking a lot more and copies just about everything that is said.  He loves singing, and is so super silly!!

He loves talking on the phone!  We are just getting into Skype and I am sure he will love that too.

He loved swimming this summer and had no fear of the water.

If you ask him if he is two, he will say three. 

He is growing up so fast, and I am loving every minute (well except for the throwing himself on the floor in a tantrum like manner to get juice or cheese) of being his mommy!


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