Wednesday, May 22, 2013

School Programs

Today both girls had recognition programs where they sang some songs and then were given awards. 

They both were so excited to dress up in their fancy dresses and wear high heels to school.  Ella even asked if she could wear makeup and perfume!  I just wish I would have gotten up earlier to really fix their hair, but they looked beautiful anyway.

Ella's program was bright and early this morning.  I basically dropped the girls off at school, went back home to change and get Brayden dressed, and then went back up to the school for her program.  We didn't get good seats, I guess most of the parents went in when they dropped their kids off before the bell.  I am not that parent.  I barely brushed my hair this morning, much less get dressed and ready before I take the kids to school.  I was able to take Maddi out of her class to go and watch Ella.  She was excited about not going to P.E.  (I am not sure my girly girl is my child LOL I would have never missed P.E.)  Ella's program was cute.  They sang a few songs, talked about the things they learned in kindergarten, showed a slide show (which I couldn't really see) and then passed out awards.  Ella's award was for creative writing.  Then we went back to her class for some hugs and pictures before we left.  I am very proud of how far Ella has come this year, and I owe it all to Mrs. Oliver.  She has been a great teacher!!

Maddi's program was after lunch, so it gave Brayden and I time to come home and relax before heading back to the school. 

Not as many parents were there, so we were able to get decent seats (plus Maddi's class was on the very back of the risers, so she was easy to spot).  Ella wanted to go see Maddi's program so I took her out of class also.  It makes my heart happy to know they wanted to support each other.  Maddi's program was just about the same as Ella's.  They sang some songs, showed a slide show of the year, and then passed out awards.  Maddi was able to pick what award she wanted, and she chose art.  Which totally suits her.  She says all the time she wants to be an artist or an art teacher when she grows up.  I can definitely see her doing something creative in her life.

Brayden was not into the programs and spent Ella's playing on my phone and Maddi's playing on the floor.  He can be such a handful sometimes, but I don't blame a 2 year old for being uninterested.

Today was a good day overall, made even better when I was able to bring both girls home after Maddi's program.  We are relaxing, watching Pocahontas, and they enjoyed a cupcake.

There is only a few days left till summer, and it is hard to believe how quickly time is flying by.  If only there was a way to slow it down.

Till next time!


Amanda @ Life in bloom said...

I always did the same thing when I went to Addison's programs at school, we would drop her off....go home and get dressed as fast as possible...and then go right back up there and stand in the very back :)

I not that mom, haha!

Susan Kane said...


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