Tuesday, June 25, 2013

My Week with Brayden

After a full week with grandparents, the girls have made it back home safely.  We met my dad in Abilene (halfway between Lubbock and Dallas) on Saturday to pick them up.  And in the process, we gained a girl.  Savannah's mom drove her into Dallas last Sunday and my dad met up with them to pick her up.  She is back for the rest of the summer.  Bring on the craziness!

While the girls were gone, Brayden and I had lots of fun!  It was nice having one child for a little bit.  It was so quiet, there was no fighting, and Brayden loved getting all the attention.  He didn't ask where "Didi" (Maddi) was till Thursday.

Here is a quick recap of my week with B:

First up was a 3 hour drive home by myself after meeting my mom to give her the girls.  It was crazy quiet and I really did not enjoy it very much.  I love singing and being silly with the girls, Brayden pointing out the cows, windmills, and trains, and having the hubby with me for those questionable gas station stops.  But I made it home safely.
The rest of the week went by way too fast.
We took daddy donuts on Father's Day.
He painted a letter B for his room.

We went to the Science Spectrum and played.
We went on a dinner/movie date to Carino's and then to the drive in.
It was a great week and we had lots of fun!  He was royally spoiled and loved every minute of it!
I did miss my girls laughter and hugs and I am so very happy that they are home!
Till next time!
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