Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Summer Catch Up

Wow!  I have really neglected my blog the past month, I am so sorry.  I am not sure why it keeps happening where I go through phases of not wanting to update, but I do. 

 I wish I could say it is because we have been so busy that I haven't had time to write, but that would be a HUGE lie.  I am babysitting 2 kids, so we tend to stay at the house.  Boring, I know!  But going out with 6 kids in tow is not really the greatest option.

My step daughter has been here for the summer, and the girls go through their moments of loving and loathing each other.  Almost daily (or hourly in most cases) there are serious laughs and playing great together, then fighting and arguing over a toy or where some one was sitting!  It seems very hard for the 3 of them to get along for more than a few hours.  This drives me crazy!  Just get along!  They are all 2 years apart, so I guess it is just a girl thing.  So I mainly spend my days sorting out fights and yelling at the kids.  I would love to not be involved all the time, but none of the girls ever budge so a fight could honestly last forever.  "Ain't nobody got time for that."

I didn't have a sister growing up, and I am sure to my older brothers, I was just the annoying little sister.  I played by myself or outside with the neighborhood kids.  I didn't have to share a room with anyone, so my stuff was MY stuff.  My brothers wanted nothing to do with my barbies, and I wanted nothing to do with their toys (whatever they were). 

My girls, not only share a room, but when Savannah is in town, they also share their beds.  They take turns sleeping 2 to a bed and 1 alone.  I understand how hard it must be, but there is really nothing else that can be done, especially with the arrival of the new baby.  Her crib and stuff is in Brayden's room.  It is a tight squeeze, but one that we have to just make the best of.

Speaking of baby, I am now 32 weeks and I have a HUGE bump to show for it. 

For more pictures of the bump, follow me on Instagram @ mamavsqz.  I know I haven't posted anything really on the baby, and I promise to soon.

While we haven't really done much this summer, besides a trip to Dallas, it has been pretty interesting.  Marco finally gave Carino's his notice and quit.  While Carino's was great and brought us to where we are today, he definitely needed a change.  He is still in the restaurant industry, but he is now with BJs.  I think he has really enjoyed the change of scenery, even though he is still in training.

Wow!  This post is all over the place!  I know I should update more often! 

Here are the key points:
  • We have had a boring summer.
  • I normally have 6 kids in my house.
  • The girls fight constantly and I yell constantly.
  • My bump is now 32 weeks.
  • Marco got a new job.
You are now caught up.


Amanda @ Life in bloom said...

Haha! Glad you're back :) It's hard to blog when you don't do it daily, I've been having the same problem! If I had that many kids in my house, and I was pregnant.....I would yell constantly too.

What about Marco's new job?!? Hopefully a better one??

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