Thursday, August 8, 2013

4th of July Fun

Yes, I realize this is SUPER late but I just wanted to post some pictures from 4th of July.  We had a good time, and stayed very busy through the holiday.  We went to a parade, saw a huge fireworks display and the next night had some good country fun!  It was nice to have Marco off and to hang out with friends.

The morning of the 4th we woke up super early and made our way downtown to watch a parade.  We got there early to get a good spot, and the kids had a good time hanging out with their friends, seeing the floats, and of course they loved seeing all the animals that passed.

Maddi and her friend at the parade

That night, we loaded up the kids, snacks, drinks and glow sticks and headed out to watch a huge fireworks display.  Waiting wasn't as much fun as it normally is because we were on the side of a busy highway, so the kids were stuck in the back of the Expedition.  But they were excited to see the fireworks and couldn't wait till dark.  To pass the time, I taught them how to play the slap game.  It was pretty funny to see them trying to play with each other.  There were tons of people setting off fireworks all up and down the road we were on.  I was getting worried when it got dark and the show didn't start.  Marco had faith that we were in the right spot and that we would see a great show.  I, on the other hand, grew very impatient, even asking Marco when he wanted to leave.  His patience paid off though, because we had a great spot for the huge fireworks display!
Waiting to see the huge fireworks display

The girls

We were invited out to the country about 30 minutes from us for some 5th of July fun.  The smoker was going with tons of meats and sides.  There were tons of people and kids.  The kids had a blast riding the donkey and the horse.  And once the sun went down, we were given our own private firework display by the men.  The kids had a blast playing outside all day, and they came home dirty and crashed out in the car a few minutes after we left.  I would say it was a successful day!  
I would say that we had a very successful 4th of July holiday!


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