Monday, September 9, 2013

What we have been up to and baby update

Now that the girls are back in school, we are getting back into busy season.  This fall will be especially busy with a new baby added into the mix.  Both girls are in soccer, and they are very excited to be back playing the sport they both enjoy.  Brayden could have played in Tiny Tots, but I knew better than to push my luck having 3 in soccer with new baby.

The girls are loving school, and so far I am really liking both of their teachers, although I am not sure they can measure up to Ella's kindergarten teacher.  Mrs. Oliver was amazing!  I still try to talk to her several times a week.  I had a meeting with both teachers today, and of course the girls are doing awesome!  As if I expected any different.  I am one proud momma of my smart girls.

We took Brayden to Chuck E. Cheese's on his actual birthday (the girls first day of school), and of course he had a blast.  Even better, we were the only ones there for a very long time.  He loves guns, so his favorite games were Shoot the Monsters (with water) and Shoot the Spiders.  Then he found the game where you watch a screen and it takes you on a roller coaster ride, and he loved that as well.  Actually, I think he had a blast playing and doing just about everything in there.

7 days after Brayden's birthday, it was time to celebrate Maddi.  She turned 9 this year, and I cannot believe how quickly time has flown by.  I had a dr. appt. scheduled with a sonogram, so we got the girls out of school early, so they could be with us when we saw the baby.  Maddi had soccer practice that night, and we ended the day with a cookie cake and presents.

Things are about to get even more crazy in our house.  My due date isn't till September 24th but we are inducing this Thursday.  When we got the sono last week, the doctor noticed that I had a lot of extra fluid (double the amount I am supposed to have) and that baby girl is already big (measuring 8 lbs.) so she bumped up my induction date by a week.  I am nervous and not quite sure I am ready to go through everything, but it is happening whether I am ready or not.  Luckily my mom is still able to come in and help which will be a HUGE life saver while Marco and I are in the hospital.

The great thing is the kids are very ready to meet their baby sister.  Brayden has been loving on my belly and talking to it (more like yelling), and he wants to buy the baby something at every store we go to.  I have been loving on him all that I can before his "baby" card is handed over.  I know that once he gets used to her being here, he will be a great big brother!

38 weeks has crept and flown by, I have had many mixed emotions (some high and some very low), and one thing is for sure, by the end of the week, I will be a mom of 4!!


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