Saturday, August 31, 2013

Brayden's Toy Story 3rd Birthday Party

Well it happened.
My baby boy, the prince of our family, turned three this past Monday.
Where did the time go?
The past 3 years have flown by, and I think each year goes by faster than the last.
With the new baby's due date fast approaching, I wanted to make sure that Brayden had a fantastic birthday and the best party ever.  I tried to make it special and add lots of little touches.  Thank God for my mom, who drove in a few days before the party, she was truly a life saver in helping set up.
Brayden has been obsessed with Toy Story this past year, so it was the perfect theme for his party.  He loves all the characters and will even tell you their famous lines, ex: Buzz says "To Infinity and Beyond."
Almost all of my ideas came from Pinterest.  I mixed and matched from lots of different parties.  I don't have the exact links to everything I decided to do, but here is a link to my Brayden Turns 3 board, in case you want to see some of the originals for yourself.
Warning: Picture Overload Ahead!!
Here are the decorations, most of which came from the Dollar Tree or Party City:
We hung 2 parachute men (Dollar Tree) from the ceiling

My mom strung Army men on thread and then we hung them across the wall.
As cute as these were, they were a pain!  It took my mom forever to string them, and they kept tangling when we tried to hang them.  But they added a cute touch.
I found the tiny Toy Story figures at the Dollar Tree.  For the picture, I cut up a party bag and put it in a dollar frame and added a picture of Brayden.  So simple, and I love it!  All the army men came from a Dollar Tree pack.
We set up a tattoo station and Maddi and Ella gave the guests a tattoo and a sheriff badge when they walked in.  The tattoos, sheriff badges, and the wall d├ęcor are from Party City.

The food was all Toy Story inspired.  I didn't have time to make cute labels, so we used post its, and cute Toy Story stickers to hold them onto the bowls.

The food we served was: Slinky Dog Pasta (pasta salad), Al's Cheese Puffs, Ken's Fruits and Veggies, Jessie's Juices, and of course Pizza Planet Pizza (aka Little Caesars).  For Jessie's Juices, I just used the Hugs brand of juice, and we put a little sticker on the top of the juice to make those more Toy Story looking.
I found a cute party bag at Dollar Tree and cut out the rocket and planets, then labeled the rocket, Pizza Planet.  It added just a little touch to the kitchen area and was super cheap!

Brayden's 3 made out of his pictures.

All the goody bags (two for a $1 at Dollar Tree) for the kids were labeled with a popular saying from the movie and held on with Toy Story stickers.  I made 10 party bags, each with a different saying.  Some of the sayings were There's a snake in my boot, some one's poisoned the waterhole, howdy partner, you are a TOY, Ride like the wind Bullseye, and To Infinity and Beyond.
The party bags were filled with what Toy Story items I could find at 3 different Dollar Tree locations.  Since Toy Story isn't very popular right now, I had to use my imagination and do some digging.  I found mostly puzzles, a few felt coloring pages, and a potato head writing pad.  Every bag had 1 Toy Story thing.  Then I added a glow in the dark bracelet, some extra tattoos, and some glow in the dark snakes.  Everything came from Dollar Tree.
The birthday boy showing his muscles in front of his 3.  I had bought him a Toy Story shirt to wear, but it only lasted about 30 minutes and he ran around the rest of the day shirtless.
We played a few games.  One was There's a Snake in My Boot.  We bought rubber snakes and a bucket, and I attempted to make a boot out of cardboard.  We scooted the kids back and had them throw the snake into the bucket.  Ella was a great helper!

Then we played Pin the Tail on Bullseye.  The game came from Party City and only had 8 tails.  My girls were both sad they didn't get to play, but they were great helpers.

I made a white cake with white icing, and chocolate cupcakes with chocolate icing.  I wasn't too worried about making a fancy cake, since I knew it was just going to get devoured.  The best thing I have started doing is cupcakes.  It is so easy to hand out cupcakes to every one of the kids and send them on their way to eat them.  There is no cutting or waiting.  I will have cupcakes at every party!!
The whole cake actually made it all the way to Monday, and we were able to use it for Brayden's actual birthday!

He did great blowing out all the candles!

Messy boy!!

I made marshmallow aliens for the kids to enjoy!  So easy and the kids loved them!!
We opened presents after everyone left and Brayden loved everything he got.  He got some guns, 2 Woody's, a Buzz Lightyear, puzzles, bubble things, and Mommy and Daddy got him his own Bulleye to ride :)
One thing that I worked forever on that didn't make it to the party was the Etch a Sketch.  I used a cardboard box, and cut and painted it.  So sad I missed getting all the kids pictures with it :(
At least I got my kids pictures with it the night I finished it.
It was a great party, and Brayden had a blast, which is all that matters.
Next up, is Maddi's birthday party in a week, then the baby is due to arrive anytime before September 19th.


Kristi@living-blessed-life said...

You did such a great job!!! The Etch-a-sketch is my fav. Miss you guys <3

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