Thursday, October 3, 2013

Maddi's 9th Birthday Luau

I have been pinning ideas for Ella's upcoming Halloween party for her 7th birthday, and I realized I never posted about Maddi's 9th birthday.  Bad mommy, I know!  But in my defense, I was VERY pregnant and then had a baby, so blogging hasn't been my top priority.

Maddi had decided she wanted to do a luau, and I had so much fun planning and shopping with her for her party.  99% of the decorations and party favors came from the Dollar Tree, with a few things coming from Party City and Garden Ridge.

Maddi invited girls from her school and her soccer team and we had about 13 show up!  That was A LOT of 9 year old girls in one small house!  My husband was a smart man, and stayed in the other room.  I, on the other hand, had to be in charge and deal with all the girls, even though I was 9 1/2 months pregnant.  But the HUGE smile that never left Maddi's face throughout the party, made it all worth it.

Warning* Picture Overload is Coming!!

Let's start with the décor.  We didn't go overboard with décor, just tiki type things and lots of flowers.
Flowers (from Dollar Tree) and a wooden monkey flip flop (from Garden Ridge) welcomed the girls on their way in.


This wooden tiki man (from Garden Ridge) guarded the kitchen.
I made Maddi's picture number, which is becoming one of my favorite birthday traditions.
We set up a table so all the girls could get Lei's when they first walked in.

We found a tiki man/flower streamer (Dollar Tree) that was 6 ft. long and it worked perfectly over the tv, sorry the picture is so bad.
Maddi loved this her super cute hula girl and tikis (all from Dollar Tree) that welcomed her guests as they arrived.
Apparently I only took one picture of the food table, and it was before I put the food out (pregnancy brain at its finest).  We found a cute flowery plastic table cloth (Party City) and had tiki plates and napkins (Dollar Tree).  For the drinks, I had juice boxes, and then I made Sweet TEA-ki and Tiffany Blue punch.  I made bacon wrapped pineapple (delicious!!) and pulled pork sandwiches on Hawaiian rolls (yummy!)  I also had a plate of mandarin oranges, pineapples and cherries.

Maddi decided she wanted cupcakes, and I found a super cute "beach" type cupcake, but then I couldn't find any of the tiny umbrellas.  I think the cupcakes turned out cute anyways.

These were so easy to execute.  I just made chocolate cupcakes with white icing mixed with blue food coloring.  I took some graham crackers and crushed them up to make the beach for the teddy graham to lay on.  The girls all loved them.
I had planned on doing a lot of games with the girls, but ran out of time finding the right objects for the games.  So we bought some cheap toilet paper and played Maddi and Ella's favorite party game, Wrap the Mummy (this will be a perfect game for Ella's Halloween party).
Here are some of the pictures of the girls wrapping each other.  They played this game so many times and used all 12 rolls of the toilet paper.  Each girl had a turn to wrap and be wrapped and then they had a toilet paper fight.  The best part was not feeling guilty about the toilet paper since it only cost $2!!  Best $2 spent EVER!


Brayden was lucky to have a friend over during the party, and they wrapped each other.

Of course she opened presents, and then one of her friends wrapped her.

On the way out, the girls were given a little goody bag that had a few things in it.  They had a shiny pencil, a flowery notepad, some stickers, a small thing of bubbles, and a few pieces of candy.
That smile, yeah it made it all worth it!!  Even at 9 1/2 months pregnant!


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