Friday, October 11, 2013

Paisley's Birthday 9-12-13

With Paisley being 4 weeks old yesterday, and turning 1 month officially tomorrow, I thought I would finally upload photos from her birthday!
Paisley's due date wasn't till the 24th, but a sonogram on Sept 3rd showed that I had double the amniotic fluid that I was supposed to have.  Normal levels are up to 12 and I was at 24.5!  She was also measuring close to 9 pounds, so my dr. wanted to get her out as soon as we could.  We had the induction scheduled for Sept 12th.

My very last pregnant photo!!  I was huge since I had so much extra fluid.

I went in at 7 am to get my induction started.  We got back to my room around 8, and I had my water broken around 9:30. 
Waiting to get things going.
Paisley was so ready to meet us, because she was born 4 hours later at 1:36 pm.

8 lbs 14 oz and 22 in long

Chubby Cheeks

Proud Papa!

Big Bro!

Grani with the big sisters and brother!
*I will add photos of the girls holding Paisley, but first I need to get them from my hubby!
Paisley's Newborn Photos

This month has flown by and brought on lots of changes, but they have been worth it!
Happy 1 month sweet girl!



Susan Kane said...

Wonderful photos--before and after! 9 lbs? !!

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