Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Terrific Tuesday #1

After my super honest Debbie downer post yesterday, I have to do something different.
I have to make a change from within to make myself get out of this funk!
I have to remind myself what makes ME happy.

I am going to start a weekly post where I am going to find things from the past week that were terrific.  Little things and big things, and all the terrific things in between.  I need to start looking at my days with a positive attitude instead of letting all the negative take over.  I am going to start today.  Terrific Tuesday post number one!

  • Saturday Maddi played an amazing soccer game!  She was playing defense, which is not her favorite position to play, but she rocked it!  She was stopping balls from going past her, dribbling the ball and passing up the field really well, throwing in the ball,  and winning the ball from the other team.  I was one proud momma and couldn't stop telling her great she was doing!!  Even better, the whole team played a great and won the game!
  • Brayden cracks me up the way he says things.  He says Hollypop for lollypop, sprinkles for the wrinkles he gets in the bath, and he calls Maddi and Ella "the grales" instead of "the girls."  That is all I can think of right now, but I know there are more.
  • Gabriella had a hard time on her spelling test the week before last turning letters around and made an 80 something.  This past week, she worked very hard on practicing her words and didn't miss any!  She didn't turn any letters around, and I could tell she worked very hard.
  • Paisley is a great baby!  She sleeps really well, especially if we are out and about (the girl LOVES her carseat), and is an overall very happy baby.
  • I went to a Moms Group meetup and meet some new ladies.  One had a baby 2 days before I had Paisley and her hubby is also a restaurant manager.  It is weird that I hope we form a great friendship?
I know there is more that made it a great week, but I will stop there for now.

Did you have anything that made it a great week for you?


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