Saturday, November 9, 2013

The best floor cleaner ever

I am not the best at keeping my house deep cleaned.  I surface clean a lot and it is mainly just the living room that stays picked up (as best it can with 3 kids and a newborn). 

Mopping is not high priority on my cleaning list.  Who wants to get out the bucket and mop water every day?  So I have been using Swiffer wet pads.  They "clean" the floor, but they don't deep clean at all.  There have been many times when something falls on the floor and I pick it up but I don't wipe it up, and my Swiffer won't get up the stain or gunk it leaves behind, even if I use the scrubber part. 

 I haven't really let all the little stains, scuffs, and dirt bother me lately (with facebook a newborn there is hardly any time to deep clean) but I decided one night to deep clean the kitchen floor, and Lord knows it needed it.  After everyday life and multiple birthday parties, it needed some scrubbing.

I cruised Pinterest for a good mopping "recipe" and I ran across this one from Sweet Deals for Moms, and it was just what I needed.  I had all the natural ingredients on hand, and it was SIMPLE, smelled GREAT, and worked AMAZING!!  I wish I had some before pictures of what Swiffer left behind that this solution had no problem getting up.

The recipe is:
  • 1/4 cup of white vinegar
  • 1 tablespoon dish liquid
  • 1/4 cup of baking powder
  • 2 gallons very warm water
Mix well in a big bucket to make sure the baking powder dissolves and the water gets sudsy, and start mopping.  Prepare to be amazed at how well this works. 

Sweet Deals for Moms does add that this mixture is not good for waxed floors so please keep that in mind.

This also makes a big batch since you use two gallons of water, so I knocked out all the floors that could/needed to be mopped (including the laundry room and both bathrooms).  I am also glad that my mop is from the dollar store and easy to replace because it looks gross (which means a lot of dirt came off the floor), so I call that a success!!

I hope you love this floor cleaner recipe as much as I do!

I also love it when I have help :)

What are some of your go to recipes for deep cleaning?


Delphina Miyares said...

I am sooo trying this!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Thanks for the great recipe!

Ashley Kerekes said...

Thanks for this! Looking for more green and DIY cleaning ideas.

Anonymous said...

isn't awesome how things in the kitchen have multiple uses?! natural cleaners rock!

Agata Pokutycka said...

I use shop bought product - OzKleen is my fav; it works, it is good priced and it is safe... but I am tempted to give this mixture a try

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