Monday, February 3, 2014

Naptime=Playtime 3 Preschool Fundamentals

Brayden asked to get Super Why cereal one day at the store, and I knew that there would be fun projects we could do together. 

The first thing we did is letter matching.  I looked through the cereal to find all the letters of the alphabet.  This was time consuming.  It took about 30 minutes for me to find all the letters, but it was worth it.

On a piece of paper I wrote out all the letters so he could match the cereal with the letters.  I put the letters in order in the little bowl, but I let him pick out the letters he wanted to match.  He did a great job and only needed a little help from me on the letters that didn't quite match each other exactly.  

After we matched all the letters we practiced writing.  I want him to get better at his writing so instead of doing a certain letter, I had him write out some of the letters with straight lines (A, E, I, H, K, M).

After writing we flipped the paper and traced his hands.  We counted fingers and talked about left and right.

It was a great learning day!

Can't wait to share our next naptime fun!


Melissa Girlinghouse said...

These are great ideas! I am so proud of you :) xoxo

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