Thursday, June 3, 2010

Crazy busy

WOW! What a crazy busy weekend we had! It started with Savannah being off from school on Friday, so we decided we would go to the park. That lasted about 20 minnutes and I was hot and ready to leave. We asked some friends if they wanted to meet us at Chick-Fil-A for lunch, and me and the girls ended up staying for over 2 hours. They were having lots of fun, I was inside where it was nice and cool, and I was having great conversation with Kristi and John :) Can't beat that!!
Saturday the girls and I packed up and headed to my best friends house to go swimming for her birthday! They grilled out hotdogs, and we swam all day with great friends. We all had a blast. That night we went with Britt to try on bridesmaid dresses and to see her wedding dress! Sounds great, but it was a horrible experience. But that is another post!! Anyways, my mom had the girls, so I got to go back and relax with my friends for a few hours before heading home.
Sunday was Britt's bridal shower. It was so great to be able to honor her, and show her how truly loved she is! There was great converstion, great food, great drinks (yes the punch to me was fantastic LOL), and it was a great day!! We headed back to Sherman late that night.
Monday we were going to go to the lake with my brother and his girlfriend. After they drove in from McKinney and we drove into Oklahoma (really only 15 minutes away), we could not find a picnic area for us. Everything was packed! We decided to go to Melissa's apartment and go swimming. Thinking about things now, we should have just done that in the first place. My brother had prepped lots of amazing meats and veggies, we swam, and even my mom and grandpa made it out!! We ate pool side once it was finished cooking, and we had a blast at the pool. We stayed all day, only going inside to potty!
By the time I got home on Monday, I was overly exhausted. But looking back on the weekend, it was one of the best I could ask for! I had a great time, the girls had a great time, and I got to hang out with some of my best friends ever!


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