Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hospital Tour

Monday we went and toured Baylor Medical Center in Frisco and we love it! It was so nice, has awesome security features, and great perks for me and even some for Marco. Unlike most hospitals they will feed Marco the whole time we are there, and they even have snacks for the girls' the whole time we are there. Marco is most excited that the night before we are leaving, we will both get a steak and lobster dinner! It is also nice that while I am in labor, I will have one nurse all to myself. She will not be pulled away for any reason, because their policy is one nurse to each mom. That is so reassuring to know that no matter what is going on, I will always have my nurse. They also offer lots of classes, and I am most excited to sign up Maddi and Ella for a sibling class. I know they will love it, and it will help them get ready for Prince Charming. In the post-partum rooms they have a camera set up, so our families can log on and watch us in real time. That will be real nice for our family members and friends that cannot be with us that day. I think that is a cool feature. Plus we have to approve the person logging on, so it is not like someone could log on while I am feeding or sleeping. The more we heard about the Women's Center the more excited I became to have Brayden there. I think it will be a wonderful last birthing experience.


amanda said...

That sounds so great!!

Kristi said...

How awesome! I'm so glad that it sounds like a great experience for the whole family!

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