Friday, July 30, 2010

Not sure why, I am always playing catch up.....

I get on here all the time to read what is going on in everyone else's lives, but I hardly ever post. Not really sure why that is. So once again, I will be playing catch up.

I have finally found a new ob, and she is great! She made me feel so comfortable that I made the right decision changing doctors. Her office is connected to the hospital, which makes me even more comfortable when I do go into labor.

I am getting together my "plans" for the baby's arrival. I have one if Marco is at work, and I am here by myself with the girls. Thank goodness for good friends that live right up the road. As an added plus, I have extra people I can call if it happens during the day. Now I just need to work out what we are going to do, if I go into labor in the middle of the night and my girls are sleeping.

Brayden's room is slowly coming together. My dad and stepmom purchased us a fantastic crib and some super cute bedding. His bed is truly fit for a "Prince"! We have a dresser that Marco is going to sand down and stain to match the crib. Then all we will have to get is a small side table to put a lamp on, and we should be set for awhile.

The only thing we are laking is a bigger car, and hopefully we will get that in the next few weeks.

Ella is gone for a few days, and so I am finally getting some much needed Maddi time. Yesterday we headed in to McKinney to pick up a stroller and decided to walk around the Frisco mall on our way home. It was a great trip. We finally got to use her Build-A-Bear gift card that my brother got her for her birthday last year. On the plus side, Build-A-Bear was having a great sale, so we only spent $7 after the gift card! She had a great time picking out her animal, an outfit, shoes, fluffing it, and then making a birth certificate. Before we left we rode the huge carousel and got a smoothie. We had a great time. I am looking forward to hanging out with her today and tomorrow. We may head back up to the mall in Frisco tomorrow for a gymnastics expedition and to meet Nastia Lukin.

I cannot believe that in less than a month Maddi will be going to kindergarten. I was so pumped for her to go last year, that is almost not right for her to go this year. She is so excited to go though. She loved going to get school supplies and school clothes, so all we need is a backpack and lunch box, both of which she has already picked out.

I think that is all for now. I will try and post more frequently since I get on all the time.


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