Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Getting ready....

I am so ready to be done being pregnant, but still not sure I am ready to have Prince Charming actually here. I am so nervous for all the changes that are in store. My girls, however, are so ready to have Brayden here.

We were able to take them to a sibling class through the hospital, and they loved it. They made a Big Sister craft, which Maddi has already hung on the wall :) They also watched a Silly Sibling movie, so now Maddi now refers to Brayden as a sibling not a baby brother. They were able to play with babies, practicing swaddling and holding the baby. They were also able to see and hold some of the things that will be around the baby when he is born like the ankle bracelet, an aspirator, a paci, etc. Then we got to tour the hospital again. The girls loved it and it was so worth all the driving I had to do on Sat.

We were able to order a pack and play from our Chase Rewards points, and it was delivered today. I am so excited to get this because it will not only be great on trips, it is going to be used as a bassinet for the first few months. It is so cute, and Maddi and Ella have already put it to the test. They used all of Brayden's blankets and practiced wrapping up "babies" and putting them into the pack and play. It was so cute.
We were also fortunate enough to have a friend take pictures of us today. It has been so long since we took family pictures, Ella was a baby, and so at first it was kinda awkward. Maddi loved it, she was ment to stand infront of the camera and smile. Her only complaint was her toes were burning, since she was wearing flip flops. Ella on the other hand, needed a nap, and so she wasn't as into it. But we still had fun and found a great spot for the pictures.
I am loving all of the "getting ready" things, I am just not sure I am ready for the crying, late night feeding, diaper changing that is coming soon with a baby. I guess I just need to suck it up!!


Kisha said...

Sibling class, what a great idea! Love the pictures. I'm excited for you!

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