Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Toys R Not Us

Let me just start by saying TV has corrupted my sweet children with the overbearing toy commercials. They think they need every toy ever invented!! What they don't notice is that the toy in the commercial is the ONLY toy being played with and the kids in the commercial are overly excited to use the toy since that is what they are being paid to do. I would be super happy to play with a toy too if I was being paid and it was the only toy around, but the kids don't see that or understand.

So we went to Toys R Us to buy some things for 3 different birthday parties and it was a disaster. I told the girls before we got out of the truck that we were not here to look at things for them, but that apparently went in one ear and out the other. As soon as we walked in the door, it was a complete disaster. The hour we spent in there was horrible and I wanted to scream. When we got into the truck to leave I let the girls have it. I yelled and yelled at how they are acting is not ok, and they are acting like severely spoiled children even though they both just got tons of new stuff for their birthdays. I was so mad I threatened to cancel Christmas and everything.

My kids would not be what I would call spoiled until Friday. The only time they really get a new toy is on their birthday or for Christmas. But the way they acted in the store you would have thought that they are constantly getting everything they ask for. I am not a push over either, neither one of the girls left with a toy that they just had to have.

I have no idea where this behavior came from except from the overwhelming amount of toy commercials on TV. It is just so frustrating and I am at a loss on how to bring my kids back to earth and let them know that there are a lot more important things on this earth besides the newest toy being in their floor. I did learn my lesson on not taking the girls to Toys R Us for awhile though.


BL said...

First let me say, I LOVE the new layout, it's very pretty =0) And it's sweet to see the newest Vasquez addition up on the blog now! Second, I find it hard to believe that your sweet little angel girls acted like brats, it's IMPOSSIBLE =0P Maybe they were just having a bad day, or you could be right, they might be overly influenced from tv commericals. Either way, I think you do a really good job of teaching your girls about what it means to be privelaged. I love that you have them donate their toys at Christmas, and I really think activities like that help them to understand what it means to appreciate what they have and be thankful. Maybe you could look into doing something like that a little sooner than Christmas if you think they need a gentle reminder =0) Loves xoxo -B

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