Thursday, December 30, 2010

My favorite Christmas gifts!!

I had given up on the idea of cute boots for my feet, since my calves are gigantic, but my hubby and my wonderful kiddos found me a great alternative.

These are my new slipper boots!!  They are so comfy, so cute, and come nowhere near my calves!!  I am in love and hardly take them off when I am home.

I am also in love with body sprays and lotions, and my hubby found me a new Mariah Carey fragrance that is to die for.  It smells heavenly, not to overpowering but not to subtle.  It is perfect, plus I love the butterfly as the spray cap.

I also love my gorgeous blue scarf that is Vera Wang!  It is just delightful!!

Excuse my tub shot :)
As you can see, I am one very happy girl!!

What was your favorite Christmas gifts??


Kristi said...

I think John and I were only able to afford gift for each other the first year we were married, but... I made homemade gifts this year and I loved it!!!! My favorite gift to give was to my parents. My dad's health is bad, my mom is exhausted when she gets off and their income had been reduced dramatically. So as I've been cooking, i've put all the extra in containers and froze them. I was about to give them a couple months worth of precooked meals just ready to be heated. This year we tried to find things that people would love as well as fill a need. I loved this Christmas. *But secretly i'm super excited as we've already started to plan to be able to buy each other gifts next year ;)

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