Friday, February 25, 2011

Beauty Routine

I was watching Kimora:Life in the Fab Lane, which is super fabulous by the way, and one episode was about her new skin care line.  She wanted new "fresh" faces to model for Shinto Clinical, and casted a model search to find the perfect girls of all different ethnicities, ages, and body types.  I thought this was an outstanding idea!  Way to go Kimora!

So this episode got me thinking about my own personal skin care routine.  I normally only wash my face when I shower, and I occasionally use moisturizer.  I loved seeing that there are other girls that do the same, which is basically nothing.  However Kimora couldn't believe that the girls didn't have an abundance of products (cleanser, moisturizer, toner, etc.) like she did.  I don't feel I have perfect skin; my face breaks out randomly, and it seems to range from dry to oily depending on the day.  But I never really thought it was necessary to have all the products.

Since watching the show, I have been washing my face day and night, and applying moisturizer afterwards.  I am using Equate brands, because I am a cheapy like that.  I use Equate W/Gentle Microbeads Daily Renewal Cleanser  and Equate: Absolutely Beaming Daily SPF 15 Moisturizer.  I love them, and I would compare them to any of the name brands.  I have noticed that when I wash and moisturize at night, I don't have to moisturize during the day.  My skin looks and feels better.  I have learned that having a beauty routine everyday is a good thing.

  I want to know what your skin care regimen is.
What do you use and why??
Is there anything you would recommend??


Kristi@living-blessed-life said...

I didn't do anything with my face, until I started selling Mary Kay because I needed the moola! Soo, even tho I'm not as active in it because of the boys I still love their product. I use the 3-1 cleaser, moisturizer and hydrating gel. It makes a HUGE difference when I get lazy-like lately! Until I started and noticed the difference I always thought it was just to sell the product or for the girls that actually wear make up. Makes ya feel better doesn't it!

Amanda @ Life in bloom said...

I love Kimora!!

I don't really have much of a routine, but I really love St.Ives apricot scrub. Love it. And I don't have fabulous skin, so it's not like anyone should take my advice........but I can tell a big difference when I use the apricot scrub, eat lots of SPINACH, and lots of water :))

Or maybe I should say I can tell a big difference when I'm lazy and don't do those things!

Yvonne Martinez said...

I have been blessed with relatively good skin, and as long as I am eating well and drinking lots of water, it's pretty smooth and soft. I use an oil-free equate-brand cream cleanser in the AM and PM, and I just happen to have some Mary Kay moisturizer that my sis Mary didn't like, so she passed it onto me. I don't know that I will ever buy it on my own once it's gone, though. I guess I am not that picky about my moisturizer. ;)

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