Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Traditions: Decorating

Good morning everyone! I hope your days have been filled with hot chocolates, fires, Christmas lights, and of course the holiday music!! The countdown has officially begun in my house, and the race is once again on to get everything done in time. I have started shopping, and I have even purchased some gifts, mainly on Black Friday, but nothing has been wrapped and I am only about 15% done. Money makes it really hard to buy gifts for everyone on your list, well it does when you have none!

My sweet, little blog blessed me a lot over the summer, and it sure was nice to pay for some Christmas stuff with that money! Thank you guys for understanding my need to do sponsored posts every once in a while, because every little bit helps in my family!

I want to know more about you guys, yes each one of you that reads this, and I think a great way to do this is by sharing some of our favorite Christmas traditions. Today I want to know about your decorations! When do you put them up? Do you buy new ones every year or just stick with the old? Do you decorate the outside of your house as well?

I will go first! I LOVE decorating for Christmas. I have 5 totes plus a few smaller boxes that are filled with our decorations. One of my favorite traditions is that my girls' have their own tree, it is a small purple tree that they LOVE! I have built up a collection of small ornaments and they get to decorate their tree with those however they want! We also love decorating the big tree together while listening to Christmas music. Both girls get to take turns putting on the star and next year we will be Brayden's first time to help!

The girls' purple tree :)
My gorgeous girls
Ella putting on the star

Maddi's turn
The finished tree
My handsome boy, that helped decorate by taking off the ornaments :)

We usually use our old decorations but I may add in a few new pieces if I can find a good deal on them. Plus I get a lot of decorations and ornaments passed down to me from my stepmom, so that is really nice!

We normally decorate the outside of the house as well, but since we will be moving this year around Christmas, we haven't bothered with it. I also haven't decorated as much as I usually do, since pulling out all my decorations doesn't make sense when I am packing up every thing else.

What are you traditions with decorating?? I really want to know!!


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