Wednesday, April 18, 2012


I want to look and feel good when I am naked, yes I said it, naked.
I know my hubby will love me no matter what I look like.
But it is more than that to me, I need to work on my self confidence.

I am on my journey of better health with my eating and working out, but no matter how hard I work out and eat better, I feel like I will always have a skewed view of how I look.
When I look in the mirror at home, what I see is not too bad but I am also not getting the full view, thanks to my sink.
Then, I think back to my days in college, when I was way SUPER skinny and I remember thinking how fat I was then!!

How is it when I am a size 4, I think I am fat,
but now being a size 14, I think, it is not that bad?

I just want to find a happy medium, that is why my goal this go round, is to feel good being naked.  To be able to change in front of my hubby or my kids, and not feel embarrassed of what they are seeing.
I know that I have had 3 kids and my body has changed, but I feel like that is a good goal.  It is not a weight number or a pant size that I am trying to obtain, but to just feel good about my body!

I will let you know how my journey goes.
Getting started is the easy part, the hard part is to keep going!!

What do you strive for?  Number on the scale, pant size or something else?

This is my N post for the A to Z challenge.  If you are here from the challenge or a regular reader, please take a second to say hi.  I love comments and I will send some love back to you (as long as your email is linked to your blogger account).


Mindy said...

I love how honest you are on this subject. And brave, too. I am trying hard to embrace fully what my husband thinks of me. It's that important!! But, I do feel better when I eat better, exercise better, dress better (not that that can always happen). It's always an up and down journey. And like you said- 4 felt fat then but what if we allowed ourselves to feel and be accepted great right now? And say, anything towards a good end is better than nothing? And also that enjoying a great ice cream treat or whatever is OKAY?!!!! Freedom and real life and a GREAT example for our kids, esp. our girls to be accepting of themselves in a truthful manner- that's just what might happen!!
Good luck to you, Tiffani!!

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