Sunday, April 22, 2012

One More, One Less

One less hour on the computer.
One less hour in front of the tv.
One less time of saying "No".
One less time of being impatient.
One less annoyed sigh.
One less snappy remark.
One hug more.
One more I love you.
One more kiss.
One more smile.
One more silly moment.
One more chance to help.
One more try to be patient.
One more dance to music.
One more hour outside.
One more movie.
One more cuddle.
One more colorful picture.
One more nice word.
One more tickle.
One more gentle touch.
One more time of saying "You can do that".
One more time of truly tuning in to what you have to say.
One more cookie.

One day at a time!

I have had a hard time connecting to my kids lately.  I have been very aggravated, snappy, and very impatient.  I know my kids are just kids, and need to have a loving and caring mom.  I have created this list to remind myself to stop, listen and enjoy my kids.  Don't hold onto what happened the day before, and truly be present with your child in the moment.  I will admit that we had a horrible morning yesterday, and I let those moments of chaos get the best of me.  I was ugly to my kids and I let it ruin my day.  I need to remember to let them help me, let them make a mess, let them be loud, let them make me laugh, let them be their silly selves!  I need a constant reminder to take one day at a time!!

How do you handle moments of chaos with your kiddos?  I need some helpful suggestions!

This is my O post for the A to Z challenge!  I would love your feedback and I truly appreciate comments!!


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