Sunday, April 22, 2012

Pack Rat

I am a pack rat.  I will admit it and I hate it!  I would give anything to have an uncluttered house where everything is put up in its place.  I feel like I could spend my whole life cleaning and organizing, and it still wouldn't be finished.  The chaos of the clutter gets to me so much sometimes that I feel like going crazy and throwing everything out.  I realize that a lot of the clutter is things we use everyday that just don't get put back up in their proper places, ex: dishes, clothes, shoes, crayons, toys, etc. 

But then there are the things that just don't have a place, and make us pack rats.  The hundreds of stuffed animals that the kids have, the tubs of toys they don't play with, the tons of clothes that don't fit or we don't wear, the things that I brought from my grandma's house that I cannot get rid of, the hundred of movies that we no longer watch, and the list goes on and on.  

I know clutter makes a house chaotic and I need tips on how to get organized.  I am tired of of being a pack rat. 

Are you a pack rat?  How do you stay organized?

This is my P post for the A to Z challenge.  Please leave me some of your best tips for an organized house in the comments :)    


The Java Mama said...

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Scribbles From Jenn said...

Sadly, I too am a pack rat. It seems every time I give something away, the next day it's just what I (or a friend) needed.

Happy A to Z-ing!

Anonymous said...

I am a pack rat with the same frustrations. The worst is the stuff that has no home, has never had a home, or is overflow that won't fit into the home that is there. I get urges to post an ad that says "Everything for sale. If it's not nailed down, make an offer." That's extreme, but honestly, I have gotten a bit overwhelmed.

Rachel said...

I feel the same way. Part of it for me is being frugal. If I think I might be able to use it again (and not have to buy another), or the kids can use it in an art project or something, I save it. Yikes, does it build up quickly! Good luck! :)

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