Thursday, April 26, 2012

Real Housewives

OMG!  The Real Housewives of Atlanta has ended and the New Jersey season has officially started!!  *Fair Warning, I feel as if I know these ladies and that we are BFF's (or could be, if I was rich and lived in Jersey).  I was overly excited to watch the premier on Sunday.

I am sure that if you watched on Sunday night and were like me, you were in awe of Teresa and how crazy she has become.  She is simply, as Kathy would put it, cuckoo!  Her family life looks as if it is falling apart in front of her, and she is stuck on the sinking ship.  I mean who tells their daughter that the pictures and stories from the tabloids will make good keepsakes for their family??

I love Caroline Manzo and her family.  She is so down to earth, and has raised some amazing children!  Melissa is gorgeous and her husband Joe is hilarious.  I love Kathy and Jacqueline, but I hate that Jacqueline is having such a hard time with her daughter.

It is shaping up to be a good season!!  Do you watch??  I know most people don't, so I will end my Real Housewives post there.  If you do watch please email me, so we can chat there about the housewives :)

This is my R post for the A to Z challenge!  I know I am way behind, thank you for sticking with me!!  Please feel free to leave a comment!  I love to hear what you guys have to say!


Jessa Olson said...

Hi! I'm here from A-Z and I love your blog! I love Real housewives as well.

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