Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day Friends!

I hope everyone had a wonderful (and relaxing) 3 day weekend!  I know I did!  Memorial weekend is always exciting here in Texas, because it is like the "official" start to summer.  Yes, there is one more week of school, but pools begin to open, everyone is grilling out, and watermelons take over the produce area in grocery stores! 

Where did the kids and I spent the majority of our time yesterday and today?  Belly deep in pool water.  It was amazing!  Ella has decided she can jump in (with a noodle attached to her arms) and go under water, Maddi has decided she can swim like a fish (as long as her face does not go under water), and Brayden loves to hang out where ever Mommy is.  Yesterday, we swam in my mom's pool here at her house, and today we swam with a huge group of friends celebrating a birthday (Happy Birthday Britt!).  The best thing about swimming, it wears the kids smooth out!!!  They are all bathed and I know they will sleep great!

I tried a new snack from pinterest, and I must say it is a huge hit with kids and adults!  Want to know what it is??  Of course you do!  It is frozen grapes!  They are amazing!  They are even more delicious when you roll wet grapes in jello mix and then freeze!  So easy, so yummy, and very low in calories, that is a win, win, win in my book!

I will post pictures as soon as I figure out what happened to them...they were on my phone, now no where to be found :(
Let me start by saying a HUGE thank you to the men and women that are fighting and have fought for our freedom!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!


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