Friday, June 15, 2012

The beginning of summer

It seems like forever since I have written, and for that I am sorry.

I have just been SO busy!!

I have been working like a crazy woman trying to get through training at CarMax, which so far I love, and trying to keep the kiddos entertained since it is summer.

First up, my job!  I got a job as a parttime sales consultant, but I don't want to be in training forever, so I have been working like crazy to try to get through it.  The job itself is way out of my comfort zone, so I am really being challenged with learning all the new information.  I have found an amazing sitter to be here with the kids while Marco and I are both working.  I do miss them while I am gone, but I know that in the end, both of us working with be worth it.  The best part about the job, all the walking!  I know most people wouldn't think that, but I love that I get to be so active.  Today, I made it through my first of four training stages, and I am ready to take on the rest.  I have lots of studying ahead of me, since cars aren't second nature for me, but I love a challenge!

The girls went to a sports camp this past week, and I am so proud of both of them.  Maddi stepped out of her comfort zone and tried basketball, and even though she isn't very good, she really liked it.  She knows she needs more practice, and I want to find her a league so she can continue playing something she loves.  Ella played soccer and was not impressed by the camp.  She said she was bored since she already knew everything the coaches were saying, but she stuck it out.  She was so proud of her spring soccer team, the Lady Firebirds, that the 2nd day she wore her whole uniform to show off to the other kids in the camp.  That day she was the only one to score a goal during the scrimmage. 

There are so many things that I want to do with the kids this summer, that I need to make a list, to make sure they all get done!

Here are a few of my ideas:

Ice skating
Picnic at a park
And lots of swimming.

Any other suggestions are welcome :)

I hope everyone is set up for a great summer, and I hope I can check in more than I have been. 

Have a great weekend everyone!!

Remember Father's Day is Sunday!!


Susan Kane said...

Your list is a lot more ambitious than mine:
wait for my daughter to have her baby;
wait for my reservation to go see that little guy; and, hold that baby for hours and hours!

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