Friday, September 14, 2012

How to Make Ocean Wave Cupcakes and Mickey Cookie Pops

We had a Mickey Mouse/Under the Sea birthday party for Maddi and Brayden this past weekend, and I made a few items special for the party.

Instead of paying $20+ for a cake made from Wal-Mart, I decided to make cupcakes for both kids.  Ocean waves for Maddi and Mickey Mouse for Brayden, both seen from Pinterest.

The ocean waves were really easy.
All I did was use regular white cake mix, prepared exactly from the box.
After I spooned the mix into cupcake liners, I used a toothpick and blue food coloring to make the swirls.
I dipped the toothpick into the food coloring and swirled it around in the mix till I was happy with how it looked in the cupcake liner.
Then I baked it from the directions on the package for cupcakes.
Then frosted and added sprinkles (per Maddi's request).
Super easy!! 

This is my before picture.  In the setup process, I forgot to take a picture before I frosted.
Here is a close up of the cupcakes and the cake.  I used the same process for the cake.

 After I saw the Mickey pops on pinterest, I knew that I had to make them myself.  They were super easy.

Items needed to make Mickey Pops:

Candy Melts: Red (for pants) and Milk Chocolate (for ears) {From Michaels or Hobby Lobby}
Bag of Lollipop sticks {From Michaels or Hobby Lobby}
Bag of smarties (sort out all the white ones) {Dollar Tree}
Oreos (I think double stuff would work best for pops, I however used regular and they were hit or miss (will explain later))
Bowl to melt red candy {From your house ;)}
Wax or parchment paper to lay oreos on to harden

Here are some of my pops drying before I added their ears

Step 1: Add some red candy melts to a bowl and heat on 50% power for 30 second intervals till melted.

Step 2: Dip half of an oreo in melted red candy.

If Making Pops, Step 3: Stick the lollipop stick into the bottom, through the frosting and squeeze cookie back together.
*This is where I think a double stuff oreo would work better.  I used just regular oreos and the frosting didn't seem thick enough.  A lot of my pops broke or didn't hold together very well once the candy hardened.  I had orginally made 10 or 11, and ended up with 6 on the table.

Step 4: Place cookies on wax paper to harden.  Add 2 white smarties to red candy area for the buttons before it hardens.

Step 5: Let dry.  The longer the better.  I let mine sit over night.

Step 6: Bring some water to a boil to melt the chocolate melt for the ears.  I dipped a little piece of the chocolate into the water till soft (be VERY careful) and pushed it onto the top of the oreo for the ear.  Do twice for each oreo.  Let cool again.

Step 7: Enjoy your Mickey pops or Mickey cookies!


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