Friday, September 14, 2012

MIckey Mouse/Under the Sea Party

This past weekend we threw a party for Maddi and Brayden.  It was a Mickey Mouse/Under the Sea party theme. 

The cake table
It was small and intimate, and ended up pretty great.

Maddi had invited the girls from class, and 3 of them showed up.  3 is fine with me, much better the than 11 that could have come!  

We also had Marco's aunt, uncle and cousin, and some of our friends and their kids over.  It was the perfect number of people for our first party in a new city.

We served sliders, chips and dips, and of course cake!!  I made Brayden's cupcakes to resemble Mickey, and Maddi's cupcakes to resemble ocean waves.  I think both turned out well, considering I seriously lack skills at cake decorating!

I did make a cake for Maddi, just to put all the candles and her Ariel figure on.
We didn't even cut it at the party.

Decorating was done on a tiny budget with most items coming from the Dollar Tree like the table cloth, candies, and some decor items. The most expensive trip was made to Party City to get the festive plates, napkins, and cups.

Brayden's Mickey table, had Twizzlers, red sour straws, Mickey cookie pops and cookies, black olives for Mickey noses (Ella ate most of them before the party), and smarties in a Mickey cake pan.

Maddi's Under the Sea table had whales and gummy worms, bean dip, buffalo dip, and chips.  The decor was sand colored candles, light blue tea lights, sea shells and fish, starfish, and sea horses.
We played Mummy Wrap, Charades, and Pass the Hula Hoop.  All the games were a huge hit with the age group (5-9).  All of the games were geared towards the older kids at the party.  I had planned on doing stuff for Brayden and the other young ones, but I didn't get a chance too.

Maddi and another girl were the mummies getting wrapped.

Trying to get the hula hoop around the circle with out letting go of each others hands.

Embarrassed at being the first to go at Charades.
I loved giving both kiddos their own moments in the spotlight.  Maddi opened her presents and then Brayden.  We also sang to them separately.  Even though we combined their birthday parties, I wanted to make sure that both of them had their time to shine.

The kids had a great time, and that is all that matters!!

Want to know how I made the Mickey cookie pops or the ocean wave cupcakes?  Click here.



Desirae said...

Super cute! We are doing a Mickey Mouse themed 1st birthday at the end of this month!

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