Monday, September 17, 2012

Moving Story Part 1

I know it has been several weeks, but I wanted to make good on my word that I would write about moving to Lubbock.  It was a crazy quick move that took less than 1 week from start to finish.

It was a normal Wednesday morning and I was on Pinterest, as usual when I got a phone call from my hubby.  He said he had been asked to move to Texarkana, and wanted me to research the area and see what I thought.  I wasn't sure about moving, but I was open to the idea so I started researching.  I wasn't impressed.  The city itself, may be nice, but it is not represented well on the internet.  I searched schools, rent houses, things to do, etc for a few hours when I got another phone call saying never mind about Texarkana, Marco was really needed in Lubbock.  I was sort of relieved, since I couldn't find anything in Texarkana that would make me want to uproot my family and move there.

I was told that I only had that night to look up information on Lubbock, since Marco needed to tell them ASAP.  He came home and we talked about it.  Lubbock was 6 hours (at least) away from where we were, and I really felt like I needed more time to think it over, but I didn't have it.  Marco and I weighed the pros and cons, talked to the girls, and ultimately made the decision to move to Lubbock site unseen.  VERY SCARY!!  
*I think if I had more time to think about it, we probably wouldn't have moved.*

Marco went to work the next day, and called early morning again, and told me we were set up for a house hunting trip that day and we needed a sitter.  I told him, the only way we were going to move is if the girls had a say in the house we were going to pick.  I wanted them to see and experience the town with us first hand, and be involved in the ultimate decision making.  So instead of me and him taking a 50 minute flight, we took a 6+ hour drive with all the kids.  

I was scheduled that Thursday to close at Carmax, and I ended up having to go in and quit.  Very hard to do, I really loved working there!  Then we loaded up the car, and headed out.

The drive was long, I am not going to lie!  I had a lot of thoughts running through my mind.  Was this the right move for my family, would we be happy, would the girls adjust to yet another move, another town, another house, different friends, being away from family/friends that are just right up the road?  I was really worried for the girls.
*FYI- Marco and I have moved 8 (I think, maybe more) times since we were married and Maddi was 9 months.  We are sort of like nomads, with no real place to call home.  Most of the times were for Carinos, then the others were from one place to another in a city that we moved too.
Snack on the drive in

We drove in, stayed at a hotel, swam, ate out and really treated the first night as a vacation day.  It was really nice, since we didn't go anywhere for the whole summer, or for a few summers for that matter.  We realized that Brayden had never been to a hotel, needless to say, he went crazy!
Climbing on the beds.
You can't tell from the picture, but he really went crazy!

The hotel cart that carried the kids more than baggage :)

Friday, we got up bright and early and headed out to house hunt.  We stopped by a realtor and got a list of houses in our price range and addresses, but since the guy that helped us was busy, we were only able to drive by and look at the outside of the house and get a feel for the neighborhoods till he could meet us later in the day.

*I will end it there for today, and write more tomorrow, be on the lookout!*


Amanda @ Life in bloom said...

I'm really glad you're posting about this, I was wondering why you moved all the sudden! That seems so scary!!

Crystal Vasquez said...

Lubbock is 2 hour away from me! Welcome to West Texas!

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