Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Moving Part 2

If you missed Part 1, you can find it here.

Trying to find a decent house, with all the college students moving into the area for Tech in the middle of August, was hard.  It also meant that our realtor was spread pretty thin, and did not help us much.  The lifesaver for our house hunting trip was one of Marco's cousins riding along, helping us navigate the town, and telling us where we did and did not want to be. 

We drove around a lot, and found a few possibilities and a lot of big fat no's!  The no's were very obvious! 

While waiting for the realtor to meet us, we decided to drive around town and check it out.  We passed by a house that looked amazing and had a For Rent sign out front.  We called the number and while that house was WAY out of our price range, the lady gave us a couple more addresses of rent houses to drive by.  One of the houses happened to have a man working on repairs, so we were able to go in and walk around.  The house was nice, but the yard was TINY and the only entrance to the back yard was through the master, not totally ideal.  But the gentleman working on the house gave us an address of another place for rent in the area and told us to go check it out and he would have the landlord meet us there.  We did.  The house did not meet our requirements, so we thanked the gentleman for meeting us, and drove off. 

Leaving the house, we drove by an amazing house on a corner lot, 2 car garage, HUGE backyard, and with a For Rent sign in the yard.  We called the number and set up a time to see the house.  We fell in LOVE!  The house wasn't clean or ready to rent because the previous tenants had just moved out, but the landlord assured us that he could have it ready to go in less than a week and it was perfect for us.  He needed us to fill out an application and he would get back to us on Monday as to whether we would be approved for the house.
*Talk about nerve wracking!  

We were invited over to TJ's house (Marco's new AD) to hang out, cook out, and relax before heading back home the next day.  That is when I knew Lubbock was going to be a great move.  TJ and his wife Jamie live in a great neighborhood, just minutes from the house we wanted, and they have some amazing neighbors!  They live on a cul-da-sac, hang out in the front yard, and the kids just run around and play.

All the kids hit it off right away (there are 10 total between our family, TJ's, and the 2 neighbors), and the neighbor's are amazing!
Almost all the kiddos, we are missing a few boys :)

Saturday, we loaded up and headed back home.


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