Monday, March 4, 2013

Great getaway

The hubby and I decided to take the family on a weekend getaway this past weekend. Since we moved to Lubbock, we are really close to New Mexico, and had heard a lot of good things about a small ski town.

We packed up the car Saturday morning, and headed to Ruidoso. Marco found a great a frame style cabin for the night that is pet friendly, so the dogs were loaded up as well.

The drive was very boring at first, in typical west Texas fashion. There was a bunch of nothing. That is until 118 miles outside of Ruidoso, when you could faintly see the outline of the mountains. The kids became so excited at that point. It was official, we were headed to the mountains.

Our lunch stop was in Roswell. They are proud to be known for their alien/ufo sightings. There were alien blowups on car dealerships, alien eyes drawn on the lamppost, a UFOs shaped play area at McDonalds, and alien drawings all over the city. The kids loved spotting all the different aliens they could find.

We drove through the mountains (or canyons (not sure what they are truly called)) on our way into Ruidoso. It was interesting to see the towns down off the canyons. The girls kept count of how many streets just randomly went down into tiny towns and talked about what mountain they wanted to live on top of.

The drive took a little over 4 hours, which is not bad and the kids and the dogs did good considering.

We checked into Aframe cabins. They are so cute and cozy. The owner was the nicest older man that i have met in a long time, and while we were talking found a connection we had from Forney (it truly is a small world). After unloading, I sent Marco and Maddi went to the store for dinner stuff. Ella, Brayden and I took a little walk around the cabins.

We decided to get out for the evening and walk around downtown Ruidoso. It is a super cute downtown with lots of little shops, a bakery, and of course an ice cream shoppe. Brayden's favorite shop was a train shop and the girls loved our ice cream stop.

Marco cooked up burgers for dinner and we ended the night with popcorn, a fire and Despicable Me.

Ella was up before dawn as always, so we got ready and went and ate at a great breakfast spot. We pigged out on delicious pancakes, eggs and bacon and sausage. It was so good, I took a nap when we got back to the cabin!! All too soon it was time to pack up and head home.

The trip home wasn't as smooth with some tears about needing to potty and there being no potty within 30 miles, but we survived and with no accidents!

It was a great getaway, and I cannot wait till we can go back again to ski!

I leave you with pictures ❤

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